CISA Exam Simulator

CISA Exam Simulator 3.6

This Tests Are Based On The Latest Official CISA Certification Objectives

CertGear's CISA Certification Practice Tests Are Based On The Latest Official CISA Certification Objectives:
- IS Audit Process
- IT Governance
- Systems And Infrastructure Management
- IT Service Delivery And Support
- Protection Of Information Assets
- Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery
-Realistic Exam Questions- Unlimited access to the most realistic exam questions. Detailed explanations tell you not just the right answer, but also why the right answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong. References for further study are also provided.
-Study Anywhere- Instant access either online or offline from multiple computers (i.e. work & home). Study on the go- without being tied down to an Internet connection. Access through your browser or download onto your Windows PC or Mac.
-Personalize Your Study Efforts- Customize the way you want to take the tests including:
Timed, Live scoring, Ask Incorrect, Show Answers, Select # of question, Select Questions By Exam Categories, Eliminate Questions You've Seen Or Answered Correctly.
-Understand Your Exam Results - Detailed graphical breakdown of exam results to pinpoint areas to focus your sudy efforts.
-Take Notes - Create and save your personalized notes for each exam question for later review.
-Email Feedback Support - Correspond directly with our certified instructors if you have questions regarding a particular practice exam question / answer.
-Optimize Your Study Efforts- Focus your study time on areas that are more difficult for you by eliminating questions that you have answered correctly. Questions that you have either not seen before or have not answered correctly are given preference over correctly answered questions.
-Ask Only The Questions You Got Wrong - At the end of the exam, instead of being asked every question again, you can customize the testing engine to only ask you questions that you got incorrect.
-Save Your Progress- Track your progress and determine when you are ready to take the actual exam. Our testing engine keeps a history of all the exams and scores you have achieved on those tests.
-Select Multiple Exam Categories - You can select specific exam topics / categories of interest. Additionally, you can see your grade in each category at the end of the exam.
-Stay Current With Free Updates - Keep Up-To-Date With The Most Current And Most Accurate Exam Questions / Answers / Explanations With Complimentary Product Updates.

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